About Us-Sobre Nosotros

A place where all who are looking for something fresh from the Lord can come to a resting place… where we all can be renewed and restored by the Lord!

By Rev. Jim Cryer, PhD, General Pastor

The Vision under which Renew and Restore walks is:  To raise up Spanish-speaking house churches where all members:

  • Are radically converted and baptized by immersion.
  • Are well taught in the Word; have a strong Biblical foundation that would allow them to go on with the Lord if they suddenly found themselves without leaders or other Christians.
  • Are baptized in the Holy Spirit and are open and seeking to exercise spiritual gifts.
  • Know their spiritual gift(s) and are involved in the work of the ministry through the local church (no passive members), and working to grow in their gifts and ministries.
  • Know how to present the gospel and lead someone to the Lord and baptize them.
  • Are disciples and disciplers (being trained and training others), as opposed to bringing someone to the church or the pastor for them to get converted or ministered to.
  • Are giving from their time and resources to the work of the ministry through the local church.
  • Have a sense of belonging to the local church family (a family mentality) and are caring for one another.
  • Have a personal commitment to fulfill the Great Commission and have a “go into all the world” mentality as opposed to “bringing people to church” or waiting for them to come to us. (“Go” vs “Come”mentality).

In Addition:

  • Growth in new members is such that new house churches are constantly being formed; every church sees itself as a planter of new churches.
  • New leaders are always being trained and becoming leaders of new house churches.
  • Meetings are alive and exciting with the presence of the Holy Spirit and testimonies of His Work among us.
  • Praise and worship in our meetings are spontaneous and powerful.  Supernatural manifestations of the Spirit’s power are commonplace (healings, dreams & visions and testimonies of changed lives).
  • Leaders from the various house churches God raises up will function as a leadership team to oversee the churches, with leaders in mutual submission to one another.  There will be no hierarchy in any of the churches and all members will have an opportunity to participate in important decisions.
  • There will be no salaried leadership positions, though leaders may receive some financial gifts from time as funds are available, at the discretion of the leadership team.
  • Likewise, as funds are available, members may receive some financial support for emergency needs, at the discretion of the leadership team.
  • Regional gatherings of all the house churches God allows us to raise up should take place several times a year for fellowship, teaching and corporate worship.




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